Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Old Log Cabins

Here's some old log cabins in one 
of our county parks that we enjoy going to. 


Wallbracket with 3 hooks ....  $45.00
This can be made any length with any amount of hooks - priced accordingly. 

Sign Bracket - approximately 17" x 17"  ..........$150.00

These can also be made in 
other sizes and priced accordingly. 

Here's a collection of old antique hinges - not for sale.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Leatherwork 7-10-15

Taking orders on pouches.

Here is an example of some bark tanned deer 
hide, squirrel hide and groundhog pouches that I have completed.  The bottom two are lined with hemp canvas and have copper buttons.  Three of them have interior pockets on the back panel.  Bark tanned deerhide straps with brass or iron buckles.
Accouterments can be supplied as well. 

The pouch pictured below was made 
from three bark tanned squirrel hides.