Thursday, March 19, 2015

More Items for Sale - Various Artists

Svord Peasant Knife - $30.00

Copper, Brass and German Silver Snuff Cans - $12.00 each

Folding Pocket Knife by Randy Wolfe, 5" blade.  $65.00

Wing Bone Turkey Calls - the top three are $3.00 each, and the bottom one is $15.00

5 Small Deerhide Bags - $25.00 each

Items for Sale - Various Artists

Here's a 7" x 9" bark tanned deerhide pouch 
with one inside pocket, and a buckle on the strap.  Neat, old timey look. Maker is unknown. 
D - $60.00

7" x 9" Bark tanned leather (deerhide or 
possibly goatskin) bag.  The back panel and flap are lined, the inside back panel has a 3" x 5" pocket on it.  Leather strap with buckle.
E - $120.00 

Here's a pouch I recently finished up 
along with a hand forged knife, antler measure, pick and brush.   The pouch is made of bark tanned groundhog and has a lined flap.