Monday, October 12, 2015

Double Barrel Shot Guns

Here's a double barrel shotgun that I acquired recently.  The only name on it is West. Louth -engraved on the barrel - "West" is also on both locks. It has 12 gauge damascus twist barrels and iron mounts in very good condition.  If anyone knows anything about where this would have been built, let me know.


  1. According to Wikipedia Louth is city in Ireland.

  2. I run across yours site in a little town south of Charleston SC.I have about 10 of old double barrel.and couple of the new modern make in Italy but the old belgians with Damascus steel look the best been buying a lot of parts on eBay I found some of the barrels triggers and other parts for interchange .just thought I'd let you know I seen your site I do leather, I have a shop used to do it for a living for a while but now I have a real job that I hate it pays the bills thank you Ricky from low country leather and ravenel South Carolin ravenel South Carolina . black powder is a passion all my buddies say why do you do that I said something about setting it up taking your time and knowing something that they don't know cuz . I work a lot of people that think they know a lot but if they only knew okay thank you now . My email is if get time. I can send some pictures. Going to look at your items now maybe I can buy something from you 😉